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NOTE: These events will be held remotely, via Zoom. Please RSVP to receive a link on the day of the talk, or watch a simulcast at the CDAC YouTube channel.

The human body is home to an astonishing number of microbes, commonly referred to as the ‘microbiome’, which collectively encodes ten times more genes than the human genome itself. Although the human microbiome has been implicated in a multitude of diseases, the full set of biological mechanisms underlying these connections remain unexplored. This project will conduct a large-scale analysis of ‘plasmids’, small pieces of DNA that can be exchanged between different bacterial cells but are not part of the bacterial chromosome by employing the power of most recent high-throughput sequencing strategies and machine learning approaches to investigate relationships among plasmid genetics, microbial community structures, and human health.

Read more on the project in this feature.

CDAC Data Dispatches Spring Series

During the spring quarter, the Center for Data and Computing will host a series of remote gatherings that feature ongoing CDAC-funded research and collaborations across units and fields. Each date will feature a CDAC project sharing brief presentations about their work, followed by open discussion between the researchers and the audience.

We encourage all CDAC research funding recipients to attend, and also invite faculty, students, and campus researchers interested in data science, machine learning, and other applied computational tools. Events will take place via Zoom software. Please RSVP if you plan to attend, and we will send updated links and reminders before the talk.

Watch previous Data Dispatches and other talks at the CDAC YouTube channel.


Michael Yu

Research Assistant Professor, Toyota Technological Institute of Chicago

A. Murat Eren

Assistant Professor of Medicine


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