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The primary aim of this seminar series is to give a broad introduction to some of the key concepts and strategies that enable us to study the ecology, evolution, and functioning of naturally occurring microbial populations.

The last several years witnessed tremendous advances in molecular and computational approaches which now offer unprecedented access to naturally occurring microbial communities through new ‘omics strategies. Developing an overall understanding of these strategies -including the ability to identify their appropriate applications and shortcomings- has quietly become a de facto necessity in the journey of an independent life scientist.

While most of these strategies are quite accessible thanks to the increasing number of computational tools and pipelines, without a complete understanding of the key concepts, exploiting available computational solutions to address unique scientific questions remain difficult. The purpose of the seminar series is to offer some introductions to key concepts, without talking about tools or their practical applications.

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A. Murat Eren

Assistant Professor, UChicago Medicine