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Early-stage ideas are often too risky for traditional funding sources and require support to demonstrate feasibility and preliminary results. This is particularly important for projects that are interdisciplinary, ambitious, and expand the boundaries of existing scholarship.

CDAC Discovery Grants

Discovery Grants provide risk-tolerant seed funding for innovative data science projects intended to achieve a clear impact on major scientific, scholarly, and societal questions.

Grant recipients will also benefit from a suite of resources designed to help projects scale:

  • Identification of follow on funding: assistance in developing customized, long-term plans for securing external funding in subsequent stages of the project.
  • Interdisciplinary networks: access to our network of academic, civic, government, and industry connections.
  • Community: Engagement with the University data science community and beyond, through quarterly receptions for all grant cohorts, workshops, and speaker series.
  • Communications: amplification of research results through our website, news articles, and events.
  • Student & technical talent: identification of talented students through our summer internship program and access to technical staff.

We will announce our next call for proposals during Autumn 2019. We encourage all members of the University community with PI status to review the RFP and apply.

Visit our research page to learn more about our project’s investigators, outcomes, and discoveries.