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Postdoctoral Scholars Program

Program Overview

The CDAC Postdoctoral Scholar program is a unique opportunity for exceptional early career computer scientists and statisticians to deepen their knowledge of cutting-edge data science and computing research while developing expertise in a secondary domain.

This prestigious program provides data and computing researchers with the freedom to pursue original work on significant questions in data science, while also developing insight and experience with other fields such as behavioral science, healthcare, and public policy, through collaborative work on interdisciplinary research projects.

As part of this unique program, postdoctoral scholars are jointly mentored by world-renowned faculty members. As part of the vibrant and quickly expanding data science ecosystem at the University of Chicago, scholars will leverage our network of academic, civic, government, and industry connections. Scholars will also have the opportunity to translate their research into real world impact through connections with students, community stakeholders, government, entrepreneurial organizations, and nonprofit groups. Our positions carry a competitive salary, generous research funding, and benefits. Full-time postdoctoral appointments will be awarded to promising scholars who have completed their doctorate within the past year.

As part of our mission to catalyze a dynamic multidisciplinary data science community, we actively recruit, support, and mentor scholars from all genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Diversity of thought, experience, and background are essential for the generation of new ideas, and we aim to build an inclusive environment where all voices are heard, respected, and considered.

Applications Process

Candidate should hold a PhD in computer science, statistics or a related field by the start date of the scholarship and have received their PhD within the past year.

Applications will be reviewed by a hiring committee composed of CDAC representatives, who will make recommendations to CDAC leadership.

Candidates will be asked to submit the following information as part of the application.

  • Curriculum vitae;
  • A one-paragraph summary of the candidate‚Äôs current research;
  • A research statement that outlines research goals, potential projects of interest, and motivation for seeking a postdoctoral appointment at CDAC;
  • List of 1-2 publications that illustrate the potential for interdisciplinary data science research;
  • Names of 3 references;
  • Names of potential UChicago faculty mentors from a domain area*

We will begin accepting nominations and applications during Autumn 2019. Please check back here for more information about the job posting.

*Applicants may list potential mentors as part of the application process, final decisions on mentors can be made after scholars are selected. CDAC team will also be available to identify potential faculty mentors. As part of the application process, applicants are encouraged to include a letter of commitment from the faculty mentor who has agreed to mentor the applicant.