The Center for Data and Computing

The Center for Data and Computing (CDAC) is an intellectual hub and incubator for data science research at the University of Chicago. We catalyze new discoveries by fusing fundamental and applied research with real-world applications. By design, our projects are finite in duration, which gives us the flexibility to support new ideas as they emerge. As the focus point for data science research on campus, we engage leaders from industry, government, and academia through innovative events to spark new collaborations and technological discoveries.


  • Address important scientific and societal questions through coordinated advances in applications, models, algorithms, and platforms.
  • Incubate question-driven research of an intellectual scope that is broader than what is typical of a single academic department or school.
  • Play a central convening role on campus for building a multidisciplinary community to advance science and discovery through data and computation.


Incubator & Data Science Discovery Grants

Early-stage ideas are often uncertain and require support to demonstrate feasibility and preliminary results to secure larger-scale funding. This is particularly important for projects that are transdisciplinary, ambitious, and expand the boundaries of existing scholarship. Through a competitive grant review process, CDAC will seed collaborative data science projects intended to achieve a clear impact on major scientific, scholarly, and societal questions.

Programs & Events

New ideas are rarely created in isolation, CDAC will bring to together partners from across the science and technology ecosystem through creative events, a compelling space, and convenings including workshops, talks, and other programs.