The Center for Data and Computing

The Center for Data and Computing (CDAC) is the incubator for new multidisciplinary data science and artificial intelligence research at the University of Chicago. We catalyze new discoveries by fusing fundamental and applied research with real-world applications. By design, our projects are finite in duration, which gives us the flexibility to support new ideas as they emerge. CDAC projects push the leading edge of data science and AI research while addressing a wide range of societal challenges and technology opportunities. As the focus point for data science and AI research on campus, we engage leaders from industry, government, and academia through innovative events to spark new collaborations and technological discoveries.

Data Science Discovery Grants

Learn more about how we support collaborative data science projects at the University of Chicago that bridge traditional research boundaries and have the potential for high-impact research or new technological innovations. 


A Data-Driven Approach for Protein Design

Nature is an unparalleled engineer. Millions of years of evolution have created molecular machines capable of countless functions and survival in challenging ecological niches including deep sea vents and alkaline lakes. Scientists have long sought to harness these...

Searching For Bacteria’s Little Helper with Machine Learning

One of the secrets to bacterial survival is a set of genes packaged together in a small genetic construct called a plasmid. When an environment abruptly changes, a bacterial population can’t wait for the glacial pace of evolution to save itself. Instead, it often...